Want to sell your home? Don’t do these four things

Dont do these four things
Want to sell your home? DON’T Do These Four Thngs

Source: Want to sell your home? Don’t do these four things


State-by-State Economic Impact of Real Estate Activity

Economic Impact of Real Estate Activity in Arizona 

When a home is sold in Arizona, Updated 2017 

  • $18,198 of income is generated from real estate related industries.
  • $4,572 is spent on consumer items such as furniture, appliances, and paint service.
  • $10,930 is the economic multiplier effect (restaurants, entertainment, etc.). 

State by State Activity



VA Home Loans in AZ

The Veterans Affairs (VA) loan limits have been posted for 2011.

For all counties in Arizona, the 2011 limit is the standard $417,000.

New Down Payment Assistance Programs

Pima County Family Housing Resources has new down payment assistance programs to help buyers purchase a home:

1)  PNIP HAP NSP-2 offers $20,000 to purchase a vacant foreclosed home in the NSP-2 target area. The purchase price must be 1% below the appraised value. The HQS inspection is not a requirement, but the home must be habitable.

2) The 3.5% up to $5,000 homebuyer assistance program is back. Homebuyers can buy a new or resale home with these funds.

3) The 4.5% up to $6,000 homebuyer assistance program with an MRB loan is still available

The HQS inspection is still required with both of these programs